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How to Play Tennis: Tips for Beginners

From forehands to backhands, serves to volleys, here are beginner's tips on how to play tennis for developing a solid foundation of the game.

Footwork: The Foundation for Success
The key to great tennis begins from the ground up.  NYTA Academy teaching professionals say “have happy feet on the court” and this will improve your footwork and your chances of success on the courts.

Keep your eye on the ball to stay focused
Success in tennis depends on focus and mental conditioning.  NYTA Academy coaches their students to “keep your eye on the ball” — don’t watch your racquet or your coach.  This is just as important as physical training and will help you get through tough matches.

Focus on Depth and Long Rallys.
Keeping the ball at the back of the court is your No. 1 weapon during long rallies.  The NYTA Academy also recommends to “keep the rally going as long as possible.”  This will force your opponent to make an error and give you an advantage.

Backswing: Keys to Racket Preparation
Shot preparation is as important to making good shots as the actual execution itself.  By having your racket back in preparation for the shot makes the difference between a weak shot and a winner.

Stretch to Improve Tennis Mobility and Footwork
Unlike natural ability, mobility is something you can actually improve with practice. Increase your flexibility and your court coverage will improve by staying loose.

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