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Kids will love our Fun Indoor Tennis Leagues.

Leagues include Coaching, Games, T-shirts & Prizes.

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Affordable League offers 8 weeks of tennis lessons for $60.00

Fun Progressive Tennis Kids program!!
Available at these clubs!

Why start your child in Progressive Tennis?

Progressive Tennis is a new learning method to teach children tennis through a scaled-down format by using age/size appropriate equipment and slower balls.    This ensures young players learn and play tennis more quickly, efficiently and successfully.

Simply put, “Progressive Tennis” is used as a development tool to allow young children to improve their overall tennis skills faster so they can transition to the regular court with more ease.

Teaching kids in a new easier format
Features of Progressive Tennis

The power of Progressive Tennis is that it allows young players to play quickly and successfully. The philosophy is that tennis is a great and fun game to play and the quicker and more skillfully a player can play the more fun it is. It is recommended that a game-based approach be used. The coach’s job is to get them to play and help them learn to play along the way.

  • Program geared to 4-12 yrs. old
  • Use of age & size appropriate equipment
  • Encourages participation of the entire family for all season fun!
  • Develops safe game play; concepts such as fair play, cooperation, following the rules & regulations
  • Does not rely on expensive equipment.
  • Cognitive skill development; concentration & goal achievement
  • Provides social & emotional growth Opportunities through group play
Why choose Tennis as a sport?

It is fun!
It makes you feel good!
It’s safe to play!
You can play with your friends!
It’s cool!

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